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Procurement is an art and our expertise in this arena will help you accomplish your goals strongly. We understand the cost centers and streamline the purchase cycle of products and services. Procuring the best of the goods and services at the best possible cost and at the best time benefits a whole lot of people and has a very positive vibe in every business - AJ Soft is here to create just that.

When it comes to Procurement, we offer one-stop solutions in Procurement Transformation, Sourcing, Contracting, Supplier Management, Procure to pay, Invoicing, Reporting and Cash Management. You can count on our solid industry experience in walking the talk.

AJ Soft Inc. is led by young and dynamic industry experts who have worked with the best in the trade for fulfilling their procurement needs. We believe in knowledge based economy model and our vast experience comes in handy every other time. We believe that the success of any relationship depends on transparency and we maintain a open relationship with our clientele which helps in achieving planned targets.

Our new suite of business warehousing, mobile technology and EAI capabilities ensure that the value we deliver today, will not only be the best in the industry but will stay relevant in the future. Further, through a strong focus on retaining its rich pool of experienced personnel and continuous training programs, consistently high quality and reliability in services is ensured.

Records Management 
The digital age embraces the electronic management of all the records. It aids greatly in quick retrieval of information and grouping of all records related to a single subject is done within a few clicks that will help in saving a lot of time in arriving at the decisions. We at AJ Soft Inc. can help you in making your office paper free - and yes that’s the dream.

We are integration experts of this add-on with SAP SRM and that will make these records provide a universal view of all the information that exists for the business process. These record elements can be sent to the other employees in electronic format and they can work on the same and their work can be traced from within the record.

The success of Records Management lies in the personalization for the individual customer requirements. Our team members are customization experts and your requests will be realized during the implementation process.

Document Builder

SAP Document builder is a customized way of creating your own documents, templates using custom defined formats. One of the most important aspects of a business is the documentation that will serve as the primary data for all the research and development. We at AJ Soft Inc. are strong in creating complex documents for your business.

The documents can be exported in the formats of Microsoft Word, PDF or XML. Document builder can help you create and manage procurement documents that are very frequently used in public sector organizations for meeting the legal requirements.

Our flawless integration of Document builder with your existing system and the training that we provide for you in taking things ahead with the Document builder makes us the ideal choice for this engagement.

cFolder Integration

 cFolder or Collaboration folders enables all the participants of the collaboration to work together in virtual teams in all competitive situations irrespective of where they work from. The centralized data is made available to them using a web based cooperation platform. The data is always up to date and all the team members of the particular collaboration are accessing the updated version of the files.

This saves a lot of time and money spent on travel as it takes the accessibility of the project files to a whole new level. One of the major advantages of cFolder integration is that it can also act as a virtual drive with the Microsoft File explorer that allows data to be saved in cFolder right from your system running on Windows platform.

AJ Soft Inc. can be your trusted integration specialist when it comes to cFolder integration. It can be used as an add-on or as an independent application without any SAP or non-SAP systems. Our work with you will ensure faster exchange of information and communication flow between all the participants of a particular collaboration.

Vendor Life Cycle Management

Vendors are an important part of any business and the relationship with the vendors can make or break a business. Leading companies are moving towards a more strategic and scalable approach for Vendor Life Cycle Management.

Vendor Life cycle Management application has an in-built functionality that enables any business to control the end-to-end vendor life cycle.

Some of the key features of this application include Vendor on-boarding and registration, vendor qualification, vendor portfolio management, integration with order collaboration and finally the vendor performance management.

AJ Soft Inc. can help you with the integration of Vendor Lifecycle management with your SAP system. This helps in better visibility of all the vendors and successful businesses make the best of their profits from sourcing the highest value from the suppliers at a reduced cost. This Strategic approach will help them to outperform their competitors in managing their spends and their time effectively in managing the relationships with the Vendors.

Ariba and E-Sourcing interaction with SRM 

Due to the advent of powerful web based technologies, ability to collaborate with a partner or a team member and disengage whenever necessary has become very easier. Ariba E-Sourcing interaction will take the art of procuring, manufacturing selling and distribution of products to a whole new level.

Significant part of the cost of the product is from the design and sourcing phase. A powerful e-sourcing interaction will help in saving a lot of costs and time in the sourcing and the design cycle. It will also help the business to have a broader reach out of qualified suppliers and shorten the sourcing cycles thereby able to deliver quality products to its customers at lower prices.

AJ Soft Inc. has a sound experience with the interaction and will help you in integration of E-Sourcing with SRM. Our team of experts will make sure the fullest potential of the E-Sourcing with SRM is made use by your team. We believe in knowledge sharing and what we know of the system will be effectively passed on to your team to facilitate better process methodologies of sourcing.

Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise portal was previously known as SAP Net weaver portal. It increases the user productivity to profound levels through innovative solutions. The biggest advantage of SAP Enterprise portal is that it provides easy access to business processes, collaborations and content management across all available channels. The increasing heterogeneous IT architecture and web services will make the portal indispensable in the near future.

It helps users to access, analyze, share data within and beyond the boundaries. It has the following important modules – Unification, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, The Internet and Business packages.

SAP Enterprise portal not only facilitates collaboration but also provides guidance derived from collective knowledge. It helps users to quickly and efficiently perform analysis that requires expert skills and much time and effort. It also allows greater personalization and lucid content management functions.

SRM PPS Remote Support

Our experts provide SRM PPS Remote support to users through VPN as we understand your needs better. This helps to proactively maintain the customers’ system to prevent and fix maintenance issues saving a lot of time in the process. We can assist you with implementations, upgrades and issue resolution. This will aid the customers to better manage and monitor the enterprise systems in place.

Onsite and off-site Issue Resolution

When our customers face an issue that definitely needs a physical person to fix the same, you can count on our experts who will be ready to come on-site to resolve the issues found. When issues have all the relevant information, it will be much easier for the expert to work on.

These personal visits can also be used to do a thorough check and give feedback to the customer. The customer can benefit more by asking specific queries regarding the enterprise system that will be happily addressed by our AJ Soft Inc team.


SAP Business Partner Screening for SAP S/4 HANA is used to centrally manage master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. With the current development, it is a single point of entry to create, edit, and display master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. SAP S/4 HANA is designed based on new Fiori user experience which provides a role-based integrated user experience.

Our experts provide  support to users in S/4 HANA. We can assist you with implementations, upgrades and issue resolution. This will aid the customers to better manage and monitor the enterprise systems in place.